I don't always have downtime; but when I do, I try to make fun things on my computer. There'll be more to come soon!

Video Game Inventory

I love data, video games, and collecting seashells on the beach. I was able to parlay two of these interests into a RESTful web application that primarily uses Slim and Backbone.js to manage my inventory and provide me with some insightful reporting. Bootstrap and DataTables were terrific compliments to this project as they allowed me to create clean and responsive interfaces. Check it out!

Memory Game

The Memory game is an HTML5 canvas application that tests your ability to remember sequences of colors and sounds. I used the KineticJS framework because it made shape targeting & event binding possible & intuitive. The game board is comprised of lines, circles, and quadratic curves. Test it out and add your name to the high score list!

Font Previewer

I developed this application for people who create and sell wall-text decorations. The user can customize their colors, fonts, styles, dimensions, and message dynamically. I used jQuery, CSS3, and ImageMagick (phMagick).